Our Services

We have the experience to make debt counselling work for you.

New Debt counselling Applications

Individuals who cannot afford to repay their debt in a timely manner may apply for debt counselling.

Transfer of existing Debt Counselling Applications

If your debt review application is not finalised by your current debt counsellor in the prescribed period you may transfer your application to us in order to complete the process without delay.

Informal dispute resolution

We negotiate on your behalf with debt collectors and attorneys in order to find a resolution with regards to debt that may not be included in the formal debt review process.

General litigation

Should a creditor have instituted legal proceedings against you we can assist in defending and settling these matters to prevent judgments and negative credit ratings.

Section 85 Debt Counselling Applications

In some instances consumers require specialist debt counselling applications, we have the experience and knowledge to assit in obtaining specialised court orders.

Section 86 Debt Counselling Applications

The most common court application in order to provide consumers with long term security to repay their debt with certainty.

Need Debt Counselling?

We have the experience to make debt counselling work for you.